Yoga- A Perfect Workout for Runners

Yoga is a stress buster and is a great workout for everyone.  But if you’re a runner, then you might get some huge perks from yoga. Due to its repetitive nature, running can cause musculoskeletal imbalances. Yoga helps to restore symmetry and balance to your body making it a perfect complement to running.

Physical effects of yoga

Yoga stretches your tight muscles and increases the range of motion in the related muscles. This action results in increased flexibility, greater ease of movement and significantly reduced nagging aches and pains.
Chances are your lower body muscles might be stronger, while others remain underused and weak because of your running schedule. Be known that strengthening your upper body and core helps improve posture while running. A strong core creates a better overall form and yoga helps you to achieve this.
Biochemical balance
If you overuse some muscles and underuse some it might cause muscular imbalances. Even a seemingly simple yoga pose requires a balanced activity of opposing muscle groups. Yoga awakens every part of your body and improves biochemical balance.
Improved breathing
Lung capacity is crucial if you’re a runner. The better your lung capacity, the more oxygen is circulated in your system. Yogic breath is called pranayama. So when you breathe in you bring oxygen, and create a vital life force. Through this conscious breathing technique, your body gets energized as a result of increased oxygen circulation throughout its systems.
Complete inside-out body workout
Yoga uses all muscle groups. Furthermore, all of your body systems including respiratory, cardiovascular, skeletal and endocrine systems gets a thorough workout when you do yoga. Additionally, your internal organs are massaged and oxygenated through yogic breathing.

Yoga poses for runners

  • ü  Downward dog
  • ü  Upward dog
  • ü  Forward Fold
  • ü  Cobbler
  • ü  Reclining pigeon
  • ü  Bridge
  • ü  Seated spinal twist
  • ü  Low lunge/lizard
  • ü  Tree
  • Triangle