Vitamin D3 Can Boost Your Heart Function

Vitamin D3 is essential for your heart function. Guess what? Heart failure affects more than 23 million people worldwide. This condition affects people of all ages. But is more common in older people.
 While this may be a great source of concern. A new research study offers hope.  The study points out that vitamin D3 can greatly improve heart function. According to the researchers, vitamin D3 strengthens the heart muscle of people with heart muscle weakness.
Vitamin D3 gets its boost by exposure to the sun. The study included 160 patients who suffered from heart failure and were undergoing treatment.
One group of participants were given the sunshine vitamin and the other group was given a placebo or dummy tablets. This continued for a period of one year.
A cardiac ultrasound was used to note the changes in the heart function. The results revealed that the pumping function of the heart greatly improved in patients who took the sunshine vitamin supplement.
The researchers avoided the usage of calcium based supplements. As this would complicate matters for heart failure patients.

How to get your daily dose of vitamin D 3

Ø Exposure to the sun
Ø Fatty fish such as salmon
Ø Canned tuna fish
Ø Mushrooms
Ø Fortified milk
Ø Fortified orange juice
Ø Egg yolks
Ø Vitamin D supplements
Ø Fortified cereal
Ø Beef liver
Ø Cod liver oil
Ø Ultraviolet lamps and bulbs
So take your daily quotient of vitamin D3 and have a healthy heart.