The Upside and Flipside of Vitamin D




Vitamin D is vital to lead a healthy life. Apart from eating a healthy diet, it would be best to get your daily vitamin D dose by exposure to sunlight. 


Instead of doing your exercise indoors, it would be a double benefit if you do it in the sunshine. Because you increase your vitamin D reserves in the body. 80 to 90% of vitamin D is obtained from the sun. 


Some foodstuffs such as cod liver oil, fish, fortified cereals, oysters, tofu, soy milk, salami, eggs, and mushroom contain this vitamin if you are a working mum and seemed to be bothered about all these stuff. 


Then be rest assured that two cups of milk per day are enough to maintain adequate vitamin D levels while also maintaining iron stores for your kid.

 This vitamin strengthens bones, increases immunity, and is very effective against preventing colds during winter, used in treating and preventing rickets. 

People suffering from people with diabetes develop clogged arteries, which may lead to heart disease. This helpful vitamin prevents clogged arteries in diabetics, and its low level could lead to clogging in arteries. Also it is required for the regulation of calcium and phosphorous in the body.


A recent research study published in The Journal of Nutrition states that a mother’s vitamin D levels were linked to her children’s IQ. The study found that higher levels of vitamin D during pregnancy may lead to higher childhood IQ scores. 


On the flip side, pregnant women must be careful when taking these sunshine vitamin supplements because it raises the risk of children developing food allergy after birth.


Too much of the sunshine vitamin can lead to calcium deposits in soft tissues, confusion, kidney damage, kidney stones, nausea, constipation, weakness, and weight loss. We saw both sides of the coin. 


Based on all these above facts, I hope you make an informed decision to lead a healthy life.