Small Steps To A Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is essential for a happy and successful life. In this day and age, life has become so busy, and one has to make efforts to stay healthy.
Being a health writer I usually write about all the dangerous diseases and it does have an effect on your emotional ecosystem. So I make some suitable and easy lifestyle modifications so that being healthy becomes easy and achievable.

Staying Active

Sitting at the computer all day because of my writing schedule makes me want to go out and walk all the more. I usually take a brisk walk in the evening for about 30 minutes. In between my writings, I take a break and walk briskly for 5 minutes.
Taking short, small walks improves your blood circulation and brings in fresh oxygen to your body. If you sit for six straight hours, your vascular function will be impaired. When you sit, relaxed muscles do not contract efficiently to supply blood to the heart.
Even if I am talking over the phone, I walk along and talk, best of both worlds is it not?

Eating better

A healthy diet is a big plus to have a healthy heart. I cut back on fat, red meat, oily foods, junk foods, and fried foods. Instead, I use more veggies in my diet.
Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that boost your heart health. I use virgin coconut oil, olive oil and healthy oils such as Saffola in my cooking.
Healthy oils improve your good cholesterol levels (HDL levels) and reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) which is essential for heart health.
I usually include lots of salads in my diet and have low-fat milk.

Being Happy

Happiness optimizes your heart health. Daily we are bombarded with lots of problems which drain out our peace of mind and increase the stress levels. Stress can greatly affect your heart health.
I usually meditate a lot in the early mornings and when I am going walking. Meditation connects your inner being with the positive spiritual force and boosts the optimism.
Music also reduces stress levels and negative emotions like anger, bitterness, and hatred. Good music helps to secrete positive brain chemicals which increase the happiness quotient.
Healthy friendships work miracles for your heart. I am blessed with some great friends who’ll stand by me through thick and thin.


Little drops do make an ocean, in the same way, little steps you take helps you to have a healthy heart.