How Will Google’s Smart Contact Lenses be a Boon to Diabetic Patients

Diabetesis the new trending global health problem. With more people turning to fast foods, the rising obesity rates and improper exercise practices- all of these contribute to this global health scare.
What are Google’s smart contact lenses?
It has been noted that 1 in 19 people on Earth suffer from diabetes. To constantly monitor the glucose levels is quite a problem. They have to prick themselves to monitor the blood glucose levels. Now the mighty Google has stepped in and has devised prototype smart contact lenses.
So how does this lens work?
Washington Post reports that the soft contact lenses have a sensor that measures glucouselevels in the tears. A tiny pinhole lets the tears seep over the glucose monitor to get regular readings. The lens has some miniaturized electrodes that transfer the information to a hand held monitor. Gone are the days that you prick yourself to monitor glucose levels. Technology has made ‘tears’ do all the work.
How will this lens be a boon to diabetic patients?
If this health problem is not monitored properly then it may lead to
·       Eye complications,
·       Foot problems that may even lead to amputation
·       Skin complications
·       Heart problems
·       Hypertension
·       Mental health problems
·       Hearing loss
·       Gum diseases
·       Kidney disease
·       Stroke and
·       Infections
And so by easily keeping a check on your blood glucose levels you can lead an active, healthy and a productive life. Once these lenses hit the shelves be the first to catch it.
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