How to Protect Your Kids From Harmful Environmental Food Toxins?

It is a beautiful blessing to nourish the fruits of our womb and to provide proper care for them. As parents it is our duty to protect the health of our children. But are we doing our part in protecting the blessings that we have attained?
According to a study in the Journal of Environmental Health, scientists found that food borne toxin exposure in kids and adults were high. The study led to an alarming revelation that preschool children are at a high risk of exposure to arsenic, dieldrin, DDE, dioxins and acrylamide.
All these names sound quite frightening and confusing, am I right? These are the compounds which are famed for causing cancer, developmental disabilities, birth defects and other health complications. So what are environmental contaminants?
Wikipedia defines environmental contaminants as chemicals that are present in the environment in which food is grown, harvested, transported, packaged, pressed and consumed. Do you know that I am a health writer and one thing these people have taken birth is to scare you to bits.
The Organic Consumer’s Association in its website states that childhood cancer rates have increased by 1% every year since the early seventies. Asthma rates have gone up, the incidence of ADHD has gone up and the number of little boys with defects in their reproductive tract is increasing.
As parents what are we supposed to do about all these? It would be highly beneficial if you avoid processed foods. If your purse allows, it would be better to go in for organic produce, otherwise wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly with plain water before using. It removes pesticides effectively. Diet could be varied to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals.
Animal meat and fat contains high levels of DDE so it is better to reduce its intake. Organic milk would do wonders for your kid’s health. Always make sure your kids drink pasteurized milk and not raw milk. Large fishes accumulate more mercury; so the researchers advise you to go in for small sized fishes which tend to accumulate low levels of mercury. And for heaven’s sake never ever give a pack of chips to your kid to make him sit quietly during that long Sunday sermon. It contains acryl amides.
Furthermore it is better to use natural cleaning products, avoid artificial food additives including artificial sweeteners and msg. Take a brisk walk in the morning sunshine to increase immunity, have your tap water tested, eat healthy and reduce the usage of medicines.
You can store food in containers labeled as BPA free and phthalate free, Avoid heating food in plastic containers. The foods which support detoxification include broccoli, garlic, green leafy vegetables and milk thistle. Your kids are the future citizens of this beautiful planet and I pray that they may grow into healthy and happy people with unstoppable confidence to habitat this planet.
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