How To Have Healthy And Beautiful Nails?

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Healthy neatly groomed nails are an asset both in the professional and social world. Proper nutrition plays an important role to obtain healthy and beautiful nails.
Milk, dairy products, lean meat, fish, chicken; organ meats such as liver and kidney are good for healthy nails. Legumes, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits can do wonders for your nail. Drink plenty of water to have beautiful nails.
These tips will be very handy to achieve your goal. You should never cut or manipulate cuticles. Moisturize your nails and take biotin supplements it will increase nail thickness. Limit professional manicures because the harsh chemicals may result in dry and brittle nails.
Avoid acetone based polish removers and rough emery boards and limit contact with cleaning chemicals. Nail extensions may lead to bacterial and fungal infections. A nail compound called methyl metha crylate can cause high allergic sensitivity and serious nail damage. So take care while visiting parlors.
If you get regular pedicures take your own instruments and never let the beautician dig under your nail or cuticle. Cut toe nails straight across and not at an angle it may lead to ingrown nails.
Be cautious about nail pitting, nail clubbing, spoon nails, yellow nails and nail separation. The following are some of the internal diseases which can be found out by changes in nails.
·       Pale nails –anemia, congestive heart failure, liver disease and malnutrition.
·       White nails-liver problems
·       Yellow nails-fungal infection, thyroid, lung disease and diabetes
·       Blue nails- pneumonia, heart problems
·       Ripped nails- early sign of arthritis
·       Cracked nails –thyroid problems
·       Darkening beneath nails- early symptom of skin cancer
If you suspect some problem with your nails consult your doctor.
Take care
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