How Does Work Stress Affect Your Health

Have you become so goal-oriented that you have missed the beauty of life? I really loved this quote by Joel Osteen “Slow down and enjoy the journey. There will always be another dream, another goal, and another challenge. Take time for what matters most.”
Sometimes our workload may become too much that it leads to stress. And the sad part is that we do not even have the time to think about it. But science warns that stress can adversely affect our wellbeing; it can even affect our kids. Want to know how?
Studies have found that stress could produce long-term changes in sperm. This could affect the brain development of offspring.
Fathers who suffered stress as a preadolescent or adult risk leaving a lasting impression on their DNA that gives their sons and daughters a blunted reaction to stress, say out one study. This blunted reaction to stress means the offspring is prone to several mental disorders. Ouch, that hurts!
Work-related stress is linked with increased blood fat levels and cardiovascular health risks. Researchers found that workers who suffered strain due to job difficulties for over a period of 12 months had dyslipidemia. Now don’t look at me like that. It is a metabolic disorder that results in increased total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins, and triglyceride levels.
The workers with job stress suffered from very high levels of bad cholesterol and deficient, adequate cholesterol levels, and increased risk of potential artery blockage. Having caused a hell of problems, stress does not stop with that. It even has a significant impact on diabetes.
People who have high social support at work have a very low risk of developing diabetes, considering several other parameters. Dr. Toker, who conducted the above research study, says, “Beyond the hours spent in the office, technology now allows us to be constantly connected, heightening expectations that will be completed in non-working hours, ultimately increasing workloads. This takes a toll on our health.”
Living life in the fast lane may affect your health. So slow down and enjoy your journey, and you may reach your destination calm, refreshed, and could have accomplished more than you thought. You know what? This could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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