Heart Friendly Foods For This Valentine’s Day

I hope you would have delicious recipes under your sleeve to make this Valentine’s Day a remarkable one. If you are not quite sure, here is a line up of foods that are both heart and pocket friendly. I believe you would work out your culinary magic using these foods as your base.

Red wine
It contains Resveratrol, which fights cancer cells and is so good for your heart. Non alcoholic red wine may reduce high blood pressure. Now, you can enjoy an occasional drink depending upon your doctor’s advice.
Dark chocolate-
It helps to ease emotional stress. It is good for your heart and brain. Dark chocolatehelps to control blood sugar. It contains Theo bromine, which hardens tooth enamel. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.
A handful of nuts a day boost your immune system. Almonds are rich in calcium and vitamin E. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium. Cashew nuts are a rich source of protein and give you iron and zinc. Raw chestnuts are rich in vitamin C. Hazel nuts are good for the heart. Pecans are rich in oleic acid and boosts energy levels.

They are rich in antioxidants and give you shiny hair and a smooth glowing skin. Berriesboost immunity, help to lose weight, lower cholesterol and protects against age related memory loss. The berries are very heart friendly.   
Time for some closing thoughts……
Good food promotes your health and wellbeing. If you are in the pink of your health, you will be brimming with positivity, which assists you to be a happy person out in the whole broad universe.
Take good care,

Photos by James Barker, digital art and Criminalatte

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