7 Medically Proven Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

The worst thing to hamper your progress and reduce your quality of life is neck pain. There is no outward sign to prove that you are suffering from neck pain. But it causes a lot of stress. It seems that 20% of the world’s population are suffering from chronic neck pain.
What are the common types of neck pain?
According to Harvard scientists the common types are
·       Muscle pain
·       Muscle spasm
·       Headache
·       Facet joint pain
·       Nerve pain
·       Referred pain
·       Bone pain
You may suffer from a combination or at least any one of them. So how can you reduce the  frequency of neck pain? It can be made possible by making small adjustments to your lifestyle. Dr. Zechariah Issac a big name in the Spine Care Medicine gives the following wonderful steps.

·       Never stay in a particular position for a long time. Like sitting glued to your computer. Just walk as often as you can.
·       You can make some ergonomic adjustments to your furniture or computer, anything which you feel is the cause of your back pain. It may be as simple as a comfortable chair or adjusting your monitor to eye level.
·       Making small alterations such as using hands free function on the phone or wearing a headset. Positioning your touch screen tablet on a pillow so that it is 45 degree angle to your eye level. And you don’t have to bend your neck all the time while using it.
·       If you are using eye glasses better get your power checked. Otherwise you would tilt your head to such an extent that it may result in neck pain.
·       Too many pillows can also result in neck pain. So it is wise to sleep with a single soft pillow. Always try to get a good night’s sleep.
·       A German study found that yoga can be very helpful in reducing neck pain, especially the Iyengar yoga.
·       This is mypersonal tip. I used to suffer from neck pain. Once I saw in a photo Michelle Obama’s well chiseled hand and I started to do exercises with dumbbells to get her look. Though I did not get her well chiseled arms I stopped getting the neck pain which is a huge relief to me.
You can make these small changes and lead a life free of neck pain. But if you still suffer from it better visit your doctor.
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Photo by Michal Marcol

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