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10 Ingenious Exercise Safety Tips

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Have you started exercising? If so, be careful with your workouts, especially during these times of pandemic. 

I  go for brisk walks in the evenings wearing my mask and gloves. Also, I carry extra masks and a pocket hand sanitizer. How about you? Are you following all the safety precautions? 

Ordinary walking and a mild workout are usually excellent if you have no troublesome symptoms. But if you’re planning for a more strenuous regimen, you need to heed your doctor’s advice. 

Consult your doctor if you have any health conditions. Here are some exercise safety tips to have a safe workout. 

#1. Build endurance

Suppose you’re starting with high-intensity workouts. It’s best to take it slow. Build up your endurance for at least a month before doing intense workouts. Once you’ve boosted your endurance levels, then increase the effectiveness of your exercise.

#2. Increase protein intake

Both strength and cardio workouts require protein for muscle building. So pay attention to your protein intake and drink a lot of protein shakes.

#3. Drink water

Your body takes a couple of hours to absorb water. Make sure you hydrate throughout the day and not just before exercise. If you’re running a marathon or doing any strenuous activity, replace fluid along with essential electrolytes.

#4. Warmups and cool downs

Warmup and cool down properly before and after your workouts. Just 10 minutes is enough for effective warmups and cool downs.

#5. Beware of overuse injuries

Training too hard can cause overuse injuries like inflamed tendons and ligaments, stress fractures, and sore joints and muscles. Sports such as swimming, jogging, and tennis cause overuse injuries. So have a mix of different activities and have sufficient rest.

#6. Sensible workouts

Listen to your body. Stop doing exercises when you are feeling sick or tired. Suppose you stop doing workouts for a while shift to a lower level of activity when starting again. For example, if you’re doing strength training, try to lift lighter weights.

#7. Proper clothing

Dress suitably for cold-weather workouts to prevent hyperthermia. Wear layers so you can remove them as you feel warm. Never forget to wear your gloves. 

Go in for clothes and shoes suited to the workout you’re doing. Heavy usage causes the cushioning of your shoes to thin out, so replace every six months. 

#8. Prioritize proper form

Proper form is the backbone for strength training. While learning the exercises, use light weights or better use none. Never hurry to finish reps or sets or struggle to lift heavier weights, or in the end, you may have to sacrifice your proper form.

#9. Be careful in extreme temperatures.

In hot, humid conditions, vigorous exercise could cause dehydration and severe overheating when the temperature reaches 70°F slow downpour pace. On further higher temperatures such as 80°F, a workout in an air-conditioned gym, or the more refreshing early morning or evening hours. Signs of overheating include dizziness, headache, faintness, nausea, palpitations, or cramps––watch for it.

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#10. Seek medical attention for muscle soreness

Usually, muscle soreness starts after 12 to 14 hours after your workout and gradually decreases. By contrast, intense muscle pain that starts during an exercise or muscle soreness that lasts for one or two weeks merits serious medical advice. 

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Pep Up Your Exercise Health Benefits

The Harvard Scientists say that an excellent workout helps you in many ways
1.     It increases your lifespan and health quotient
2.   Prevents heart diseases
3.    Prevents high blood pressure
4.  Protects against certain cancers
5.    Prevents osteoporosis
6.  Improves eye health
7.   Boosts immunity
8.  Prevents weight gain
9.  Fights stress and depression
10   Prevents type 2 diabetes
11. Promotes work-life balance
12.  Promotes sound sleep
Health experts say that sitting for hours on end may change people’s metabolism in ways that promote obesity, heart disease, diabetes and various scary diseases. And so, what do you do? You just reduce your sit time and increase your fit time.
Scientists have warned that obese persons who have no signs of cardiovascular disease show a much higher prevalence of early plague buildup in arteries when compared to healthy normal weight individuals.

So they suggest you alter your diet rules and exercise properly to prevent future cardiovascular diseases.  A simple walking or cycling will do marvels for your wellness.


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Amazing Tips To Monetize Your Health Blog

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You work hard to make your blog a success. Day in and day out, you spend all your creative energies to write the best possible quality content, build blog readership and above all, make your blog a stand out from the noisy environment in the blogosphere. And now the time has come, to reap the rewards for your best efforts. Am I right about that?

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How Does TOYOTA i-ROAD Positively Enhance Your Health

The man, The machine, The Toyota i-ROAD. This was the foremost idea that came to me when I watched the videos and pictures of this awesome EV. Recently an i-ROAD test drive was held in Ecoful Town, Toyota City, Japan. People were really awestruck with this wonder vehicle.

What is Toyota i- ROAD?
It is an electric vehicle which is convenient and is fun to ride. The i-Road combines the ease of handling a motorbike and the drive, stability and comfort of the car. So says Mr. Yanka the Project General Manager of Toyota. Its uniqueness is its automatic active lean mechanism.

This mechanism, which was modeled, based on the movement of skiers and running animals gives the driver an exhilarating driving experience. Wow! That all sounds great. If you want to test it out, then be sure to be present in Grenoble in France at the end of 2014, where these wonder three wheelers will hit the roads for a test ride.

Special health benefits associated with Toyota i- ROAD
This ultra compact three wheeler EV is

  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Breezes along narrow streets with comfort
  • Leads to less traffic
  • Minimizes parking spaces
  • Emits low carbon dioxide emissions

So it raises your health by

  • Reducing your stress levels- Oh! My goodness! That’s the leading risk factor for several scary diseases.
  • Being eco friendly helps you to breathe in fresh air, which burns down all the perils connected with air pollution
  • The inside is fully enclosed from noise and you can relax with a mild music or soft conversation.
  • You know what; I am a great fan of this walking. With this i- ROAD you can park it at the nearest station and use public transport.
  • Toyota has some big plans for a greener environment. This EV can be controlled by your smart phone and has a brilliant technology called one minute mobility, where you can find the most efficient route to your destination via your smart phone. Amazing is it not? They are also planning for electric assist bicycles and vehicle sharing services.

Time to wave good bye!
Toyota has some wonderful ideas up its sleeve such as the intuitive connection technology; cars speaking with one another and even your home powered by your own car. NOW, that’s what I call stunning!

Come be a part of this great revolution and once the EV’s are available in the market. Be the first one to catch it.
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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Toyota. The opinions and text are all mine.

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12 Best Gift Ideas For You This Christmas

Glad tidings are in the air! As you prepare for Christmas, here are some of the best healthy gift ideas you have ever heard of. It’s a great feeling to give and receive gifts.
So here they are………..
Home for Christmas by Susan Boyle

You know what? Music is the language of the soul. It relaxes your mind and reduces stress levels.This is a classic album and has a great collection of songs. This would be one of the best gifts you would have ever given.
Heart rate monitor

This helps to manage heart rate during workouts. It is easy to program, comfortable to wear and has an alarm system.  It would be one of the most thoughtful and useful gifts which will be treasured by your loved ones.
Organic gift basket

This would be a really environmentally friendly and a healthy gift for your friends and family. This organic tea flowering gift set is kept in a handcrafted mahogany bamboo chest with six flowering tea blossoms. And you know what? Organic tea is so healthy and beneficial for the mind, body and soul. A perfect gift for this year’s Christmas.
Gym stick

Exercise keeps you and your family always on the safe zone. It may be the best buddy you can ever have. This gym stick promotes a healthy Christmas for your loved ones. It can be used for fat loss, lean body toning and it is a very popular and thoughtful gift that improves fitness.
Your family and loved ones are your pillars of strength, how about giving them some lovely books which they will cherish for years to come. Blurb offers some great discounts for print books. Buy it as soon as you can. Here is the link code-  Save 30% on Blurb’s Print Books with code: SAVE30
By the way Blurboffers some great gift ideas just for you and your loved ones.
People love getting really creative, one-of-a-kind books for Christmas. Books that elicit a “where did you get this?” response. As the leading indie- and self-publishing platform, Blurbhas an entire online bookstore full of unique books with an incredible array of undiscovered, self-published authors, artists, and photographers. And while these books probably aren’t in your recipient’s bookshelf, many of them should be. So, if you’re thinking of giving unique gifts this year, consider these titles. Each costs around $40 USD or less:

Cookie Cravings by Maria Lichty and Heidi Larsen

We all have cookie cravings. Popular food blogger Maria Lichter decided to put them into something deliciously original: A baking book featuring 30 recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

Dog by My Side by Adam Schnitzer

This charming collection of original, vintage photos shows us that as long as there have been cameras, we’ve wanted to photograph our canine best friends. As a special bonus, there’s a glossary of the early photographic methods used in the original images. 

Around the World with a Toy Camera by Giorgio Giussani

Perfect for the photography or graffiti-art lover on your list. This book is an explosion of gritty color that explores the wonders of street art and analog photography. 

Food Stories by Elena Scott

A short, wonderfully illustrated collection of recipes (and food stories) that will inspire you to pick up the knife and spatula—or just pen and paper. 

Things I Love by Carol Nehls and Jessica Rose

Illustrated and written many years apart by a mother and daughter, this sweet rhyming story told by a fox is pure joy for all ages.

Patent Pending by Jordan Natyshen

Chicken goggles, air-conditioned rocking chairs, monkey jockeys for greyhounds… humankind has invented and sought to patent some amazing and crazy things. Illustrator Jordan Natyshen illustrates some of the strangest in this history of odd inventions. 

Tiny Horses are Everywhere by Thea Lux

The perfect stocking-stuffer for fans of off-beat humor, this undeniably nutty book is based on a Tumblr blog and combines simple photo collages of small horses in human environments with incredibly funny captions.

Rouleaux by Anastassia Elias

What can you do with an empty roll of toilet paper? If you’re French artist Anastassia Elias, you create tiny dioramas inside of the discarded tubes. Inspired by art and movies, these pieces are beautifully crafted, fun, and unbelievably detailed. 

Take a second and head over to Blurb to see if you can end your search for that perfect gift this season! 

 So make yourself a cup of steaming hot coffee and read this post to give your loved ones the best Christmas gifts ever.
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Nisim Newhair Biofactors Shampoo To Stop Hair Loss

A thick, shiny and lustrous hair will enhance your natural beauty and increase your confidence levels. But pollution, the hectic every day life, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and DHT results in hair loss. So here I am to give you some amazing tips to stop hair loss and have the hair of your dreams.
For a healthy hair it is a must that you exercise properly and eat healthy foods which are rich in protein. Exercise improves blood circulation and carries the nutrient rich blood to the hair follicles, which results in hair growth.
If you suffer from hair lossit is essential that you use a natural hair loss shampoo. Keeping the scalp and hair clean is half the battle won. Renowned dermatologists say that the way you wash your hair and the products you use could go a long way in maintaining smooth, shiny hair.
Nisim Newhair Biofactors Shampoo

The product I am going to recommend to you is Nisim New Hair Biofactors Shampoo and Extract. This shampoo controls and reduces hair loss and it has an amazing extract made from herbs that stimulates hair growth. This shampoo comes in two formulas and is categorized based on hair type normal to dry hair for women and normal to oily hair for men.
Specialty of Nisim Newhair Biofactors Shampoo

The specialty of this anti hair loss shampoo is that it neutralizes DHT and helps in hair growth. Now what is this DHT? It is a hormone that can lead to hair loss. Experts say that 95% of male pattern baldness are due to the effect of DHT on the hair folliclesfollicles. It can shut the ability of hair follicles to grow hair on yourscalp.
Dermatologists say that when shampooing you should concentrate on cleaning primarily the scalp rather than the entire length of the hair. The Nisim NewHair Biofactors Shampoo and Extract effectively removes the build up of sweat, oils and dirt which results in hair loss. Above all it neutralizes DHT and helps to regrow hair with over 85% clinically proven results. Try this anti hair loss shampoo and feel great with beautiful shiny hair.
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