Amazing Tips To Monetize Your Health Blog

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You work hard to make your blog a success. Day in and day out, you spend all your creative energies to write the best possible quality content, build blog readership and above all, make your blog a stand out from the noisy environment in the blogosphere. And now the time has come, to reap the rewards for your best efforts. Am I right about that?

If you are a new blogger, I just want to share some tips to monetize your health blog. When I first began my blog, I used to run cute, colorful ads that were not of any benefit. Slowly by trial and error, I found some websites that are really useful and help you to earn money.

This is one of the best websites to get a decent sum of money. You sign up and join as an affiliate for various merchants and promote their brands. These are the merchants I have joined as an affiliate…..

Warby Parker Affiliate Program

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So Well

Healing Natural Oils

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Blog Dash

I found some of my best paying gigs from blogdash. Try it out, and you will be glad you did.

Initially, this was called as blog frog which now has a new name Tapinfluence. Joining tapinfluence is by invite only. Check it out here.

If you are an Indian blogger, then this website is for you. They run different writing contests for various brands. And you stand a chance to gain some outstanding prizes. I got a consolation prize for one of the competitions.
Good luck guys!
I wish you all success in your writing journey. Hopefully, you find this information useful.
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