Tasty Avocado Milk Shake Recipe

Avocado Milk Shake Recipe Ingredients Avocadoes – 2 Milk- 3 cups Honey – 2 teaspoons Method Scoop out the flesh out of the fruit. In a blender add the scooped out avocado and milk. Blend it well. Add the honey. Pour out into tall glasses and serve. Health benefits of avocados ü Avocados are rich […]

Awesome Dip Recipes You Must Know

Dips are a great way to start a party. The variety of these dips makes it a crowd pleaser. Dips add flavor and texture to the food such as pita bread, crackers, seafood dumplings, potato chips and so much more. These dips are tasty and versatile. Make your gatherings more joyous and lively with these […]