5 Top Reasons That Makes Your Cup Of Coffee So Healthy



After a stressful day at work, when you find energy levels at their lowest, and you’re looking for a way to re-energize your body, ––– a cup of coffee can do the magic.

So steal some few moments for yourself, hear some good music, and sip that steaming hot cup of coffee to unwind and de-stress.

When is a good time to drink coffee?

Mid to late morning is the best time to enjoy your coffee when your cortisol levels are dipped back down. Let’s say if you wake up at 7; you might want to try drinking your coffee between 10 am and noon. If you delay your morning brew by a few hours, you can have longer-lasting energy. 


Is coffee good for your health?


Coffee in the right amounts is good; we will see how it works out?

Some excellent coffee gift ideas

Coffee Makers from First in Coffee

Elektra Micro Casa 

It’s a semi-automatic coffee machine with superior quality and produces outstanding espresso coffee. Made for the traditional espresso enthusiast, this coffee maker has a unique design and a polished chrome finish. Thomas, a satisfied customer, says that he’s delighted with the semi-auto version because it has great looks and gives consistent results.

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Jura Z6


It’s a fully automatic coffee machine that pairs quality with technology. It has a superb grinder that preserves the aroma while grinding the coffee and a new Pulse extraction system that presses water in-ground coffee through short bursts. Easy to use, great coffee, says Rudolph, a satisfied customer.

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Jura S8 Black

With its sleek and stylish look, this coffee maker exudes quality and precision in every way. The touch screen is easy to use, and the display is based on simplicity and intelligence. Jura S8 Black coffee maker gives an impressive range of specialty coffee drinks. 

Alan, a satisfied customer, says he’s never been a coffee drinker. Still, since the machine arrived, which he gifted to his wife on her birthday, he’s started enjoying a cappuccino daily. 

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First in Coffee has some great offers for these coffee machines, so grab them before they get sold out like hotcakes.