A Spoonful of Yogurt a Day Keeps Your Sadness Away



It’s astonishing to know that simple things can change the whole outlook of life. 


Engaging in deep reflective thought is termed rumination. Mostly, people think about the same negative thoughts and consequences that brought them great distress, leading to depression.
In order to study this aspect, scientists wanted to find whether probiotics can help fight these negative thoughts. How cool of these scientists to cook up such great ideas.
Onto the theory we go. The researchers prepared a multispecies probiotic white powder and a similar-looking placebo. A total of forty healthy people participated in this study.
Half of them received the probiotic powder, and the other half received the placebo. The powder was placed in a sachet, and the participants were asked to mix it with lukewarm water or milk and drink it each day for about 4 weeks.
Likewise, they were asked to fill a questionnaire before and after the study. The results showed that the participants who received the probiotic powder had significantly reduced ruminative thoughts.
To conclude, if you are feeling sad, always thinking of some bitter experiences in your life, or just thinking about the negative happenings, how far the frequency may be, try including probiotics in your diet.
For example, Dr. Edward. F. Group of Global Healing Centre suggests some wonderful probiotic foods. They include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, microalgae, miso soup, pickles, tempeh, kimchi, and Kombucha tea. So try to include these foods and keep the sadness at bay.

Wrapping up

Life is short, so throw out all your mental garbage of anger, hurt, insults, and everything that makes you sad. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and begin afresh. Each day is a gift so live it to the fullest. And don’t forget your teaspoon of yogurt!