A Scary Statistic About Obesity

jesadaphorn, freedigitalphotos.net
Obesity is really scary. If not properly taken care of it can reduce the life expectancy of a person by up to 8 years. In this fast paced society, it would do a world of good to pause a few minutes and ponder about our eating habits.

Scientists did a survey to develop a model that estimated the annual risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases with persons of different body weight found that

Obese people —– may lose up to 8 years of their life 

Overweight people —- may lose up to 3 years of life

Healthy life years lost— 4 times higher for obese and overweight people in comparison with people who had healthy weight 18.5-25 BMI

Earlier the weight gain—- worse the outcome

Researchers found that people who were obese by the age of 25 had a higher chance of severe obesity later in life.

The above is a quick reminder of the dangers of obesity. So healthy living should be our first concern. A healthy diet, exercise, proper sleeping habits and positive approach towards life will lead to a healthier society.

Take care,

Take care,