9 Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents (That will Melt Their Hearts)


While the arrival of a baby is a joyous occasion, moms and dads often find themselves with new challenges. Suddenly everything in their world changes. As a friend or a family member, you may want to do your part and cheer them up with gifts. To make your job easier, we’ve lined up some affordable and thoughtful gifts for new parents.

So pay a quick visit to them and brighten their day with your gift.

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Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Here’s a wide selection of gifts for new parents––– from robotic vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, and even a healthy range of cookies.

Some gifts may be a bit pricey, but others are more affordable. What matters is your love for the new moms and dads; that’s precious!

Robotic vacuum cleaner

The best advice for new moms is to sleep while your baby is asleep. But in real life, how can one sleep when they have so much work to do? Pushing a vacuum cleaner hip-carrying a noisy baby makes one feel tired.

As a caring friend, you could gift a new parent an efficient robotic vacuum cleaner. Enter the Neato D8 Intelligent Vaccum Cleaner. It’s ideal for small and middle-sized homes and cleans about 750 sq m in a single charge. Likewise, Neato D8 is effective on any surface and traps allergens effectively.

The dust filter traps a lot of dust and debris and catches up to 99 percent of allergens. Shifting to the turbo mode thoroughly cleans even tricky areas. So the home becomes a haven for the newborn.

Also, one could conveniently control this robot through the My Neato app. With many lower-priced models, Neato offers a wide choice range to choose from. Likewise, they have high-quality parts and accessories.

My house has never been so clean, gushes an excited customer, adds she honestly can’t believe she can control this robot with an app, and says she truly loves it.

Grab your Neato D8 robotic vacuum here because they have some excellent discounts going on.

Healthy pack of cookies

Cookies are a healthy option for any other unhealthy snack choices. Gift cards for packs of nutritious, healthy cookies or a monthly gift box subscription could be a thoughtful gift for a new mom and dad.

New parents can enjoy some me-time tasting these delicious keto-friendly cookies, or these cookie treats could be a great snack option for school-going kids.

Nunbelievable has a range of artisanal, low-carb, and shortbread cookies. Nunbelievable offers different gifting options. You can get a gift card starting from $25 that’s delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem at checkout. Likewise, they also have a subscription service where you can gift it to someone you care about.

When you order a box of delicious cookies, Nunbeleivable, named after a group of nuns who used to feed hungry people, donates meals to their partner soup kitchens to feed people in need.

Thus a nutritious box of cookies packed with love–– not only sweetens the taste buds of a new mom and dad but also feeds a hungry soul. For every cookie pack sold, they donate one meal to the needy. Awesome!

Grab your healthy cookies here

Coffee machine

New moms and dads may be so busy with their babies that they require a quick pick me up. A hot cup of coffee does precisely that. It increases energy levels and makes one smarter, and dramatically improves their physical performance as well.

The Capresso 5 cup coffee maker from 1st in Coffee has a quick preparation time, ensuring your coffee is never bitter or over-extracted. It looks attractive with its beautiful black design with steel accents. A senior citizen customer gushes that this is one of the best coffee makers she’s ever owned. Another says it’s easy to clean up and use; a perfect gift for new parents.

Grab your Capresso 5 cup mini drip coffee maker here

Organic baby blankets and baby wear

New parents will be hard held for time. Baby towels, washcloths, baby crib sheets, and baby clothes would be a thoughtful gift for them.

Bamboo Little offers bedtime wear, baby blankets, baby bath towels, bibs, hats, and gift sets. Bamboo fabrics are unbelievably soft and eco-friendly. Likewise, bamboo fabrics wick moisture, stays cooler, and repel odors.

Get your Bamboo Little baby goodies here

Amazon Prime membership

New parents will have their hands full, and they hardly want to make an extra trip to the store. Gifting them the Amazon Prime Membership lets them avoid the hassle and order whatever they need and get it delivered to their doorstep.

A whole year’s subscription costs $119 or you can gift for a three-month period which costs $39. If a new mom or dad already has a Prime membership, they can convert your gift to credit and spend it on their needed items.

Grab it here

A meal kit delivery service

Meal kits can be an excellent gift for new parents. When a new baby is at home, a sleep-deprived parent’s primary wish is a delicious home-cooked meal without any effort and time.

What a Crock Meals to Go delivers tasty meals to your doorstep. A digital gift card would be a thoughtful gift to new parents as it makes it easier to eat healthy homemade meals without spending hours planning and prepping. They can enjoy some much-needed me-time.

Get the meal kit delivery service digital gift card

Great Jones cookware

As a new parent, preparing dinner can be a struggle. Gifting them easy-to-use, attractive, and durable cookware is a sensible option. Thanks to the Duchess enameled cast iron oven, it’s excellent at retaining heat. Likewise, its smooth finish makes it easy to clean and deglaze.

Some best features include the oval shape, which provides ample space, multifunctional perfect for busy new moms, induction safe, and dishwasher safe. An excited customer says the Duchess is incredibly versatile and that she uses it to cook meats, sauces, stew, gravy, and anything else you can imagine.

Get The Dutchess from Great Jones Cookware

Solly Baby: baby essentials

Hands-free carrying is the best way to carry a baby while parents may be busy doing errands and will genuinely appreciate this thoughtful gift. Solly Baby wrap is a thoughtful gift for a young parent. This sling is loved both by the parents and babies.

Likewise, Solly Baby makes your search easy by offering a range of gift products––– you can choose from wraps, bring home baby bundles, crib sheets, swaddles, and baby clothes, making the little one comfy and safe.

Get the Solly Baby Gift Collection

Sleek Steep Tea Infuser

Self-care has a way of going freefall during the early postpartum days, especially for the mothers. And while the young parents are figuring out what the new normal looks like, a 5 minute ritual of drinking a warm beverage would pep up their spirit.

Consider gifting a new parent Sleek Steep Tea Infuser. This teapot makes the brewing process a lot easier.  California Tea House has a wide range of organic tea collections. Just adding tea leaves inside the infuser, pouring hot water, and placing the infuser over a tea mug results in a delicious cup of tea–––within seconds. This tea infuser is dishwasher safe and BPA free. So what are you waiting for?

Get your Sleek Steep Tea Infuser

Wrapping all up

The birth of a newborn is one of the precious moments in a new parent’s life. Choose from any of our handpicked gifts for new parents and make it more unique and joyous with your thoughtful gift.

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