3 Incredible Health Benefits of Soccer Games

The soccer fever is spreading like wild fire. There are just a few days more for the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I suppose it starts on 12th June. The son is a great fan and already he’s bought football shoes and a sling bag with his favorite team’s logo at some summer sale. I see whole magazines being dedicated for this football season.
So whatever it may be. I just wanted you to know about the amazing health benefits of football.

Health Benefits of soccer

A recent research found that elderly men got much fitter when they played football. These men played soccer twice in a workweek for close to an hour. Their hard work gave them lots of wellness benefits. There was improvement in their
1.   Oxygen uptake
2.   Muscle function and
3.   Bone mineralization.
The study researchers point out that soccer boosts
1.   Heart health
2.   Minimizes the risk of falls
3.   Minimizes the risk of fractures
The fast runs, intense actions and unorthodox movements of the football game
1.   Increases bone mineralization
2.   Improves aerobic fitness
3.   Muscle strength
All these positive health benefits make it easier for old and the young alike to overcome everyday physical challenges such as climbing stairs, shopping, cycling and gardening.
Closing thoughts
Soccer makes you to be on the move; thereby it increases your fitness quotients and endows you with lots of wellness benefits. So it would be more beneficial if you make it a point, not to just sit glued to your TV to view all those scintillating matches. Go out and play soccer for your own wellbeing.
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Photo by Bulldogza

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