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Flavorful Icy- Fruity Ideas For Leftover Fruits

I am not a great fan of being creative with leftover food. The other day, I watched the FoodFood channel where the chef who anchors the Turban Tudkha program shared an amazing recipe for chapatti-rice rolls made with leftover chapatti and rice.   So I got hooked up and tried my hand at being creative […]

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Brilliant Ideas To Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills

If you see the world at large what do you find? Problems, so it becomes essential to be creative in order to solve all your problems. This is what the scientists have to say, they have found that being creative can be your greatest asset in problem-solving. Creativity Scientists have found that developing a creative […]

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Amazing Health Benefits of Purslane (Luni- Bhaji)

Purslane is heavily loaded with nutrients and it is excellent for your health. Believe me, I did not know this truth. While I am shopping, I will pick all other greens and did not mind about this wonderful leafy vegetable. Then the other day I read about Purslane in Authority Nutrition. I felt so bad […]

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The Glorious Diwali Celebration in Dubai

Joyous celebrations and creativity can boost our wellness in a greater way. Creativity can add volumes to our holistic health.  Recently the festival of lights- the Diwali was celebrated all over the world where Indians are present. Courtesy of Mrs. Bobi Sasi Courtesy of Dr. Ruchi Agarwal These are some of the awesome pictures of […]

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4 Science Backed Reasons That Cause Depression

Depression is not just singing away your blues. It should be taken seriously. Depression causes a persistent feeling of sadness and lack of interest. It steals away your zest for life. The life on the planet is a beautiful and precious one. Depression gives a feeling that life is cumbersome and boring. So it becomes […]

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Top Essential Oils to Give You a Youthful Glow Naturally

Some women never surrender their youth to time. And I salute them. When you reach your late thirties, you just want to cling onto each passing day and secretly wish that time stood still. But that’s a far cry to what is real. Yet there is a way to fodder your anti-aging fight. I have […]