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Diet Sodas Vs Water- Which of These Two Helps You in Weight Loss

If you have wondered whether diet sodas really help with weight loss, yes, they do say an industry funded research study. Are they good for health? Or is it the good old water, which is truly beneficial, let us see… Diet sodas and weight loss To give you an outline about diet sodas, they are […]

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Win a Beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp from So Well

Save up to 21% on Multiple Items plus $8.95 flat rate shippingEnter HERE for multiple chances to win a rare Himalayan Salt Lamp from So Well! “Pink crystal salt” it seems that the term resonates from the Barbie world of pink and purple. But it is not, it is unprocessed raw salt hand mined from the salt […]

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King of Herbs- Reishi Mushroom Health Benefits

Wonder how a little mushroom can offer you so many wellness benefits? Yea, I am talking about Reishi mushroom. If you hear the name for the first time, then I will tell you all about it. So what is Reishi mushroom? It is called the King of Herbs or supernatural mushrooms. It is a fungus […]


Donate Bone Marrow – Save Life

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give,” said Winston Churchill. Saving a life can be the greatest gift you can grant anyone. Here I am going to tell you all about blood cancer, bone marrow donation and how you can save a precious life. What is […]

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Frequent Arguments- A Sure Ticket to Early Death

“Why do people always assume that volume will succeed when logic won’t?” This is a quote from L. J. Smith. If your home is a little heaven, then this post is not for you. For other mortals who relish a good old fight, this post has a thing or two to talk to you. Health […]

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5 Incredible Tips to Increase Your Longevity

Want to increase your lifespan? Want to be disease free and live a long life? Here are some great tips for you to take note. Chronicle of a grand old lady A 115 years grand old lady amazed the scientists with her long life and above all she was healthy and disease free. But recently […]

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Pep Up Your Exercise Health Benefits

Buy quality yoga gear at amazing prices. Click Here! The Harvard Scientists say that an excellent workout helps you in many ways 1.     It increases your lifespan and health quotient 2.   Prevents heart diseases 3.    Prevents high blood pressure 4.  Protects against certain cancers 5.    Prevents osteoporosis 6.  Improves eye health 7.   Boosts immunity 8.  Prevents […]