What is Your Health Vision For 2013?

To watch the thunder storms hovering over the desert horizon is an amazing sight. After the showers, the desert blooms and I found that a tiny bit of TLC is enough to make a barren land bounce back to life. Similarly a wee bit of care does wonders for your health. The New Year is round the corner and what is your health vision for 2013? Having a vision helps you to be on track to achieve your purpose. In this post we will discuss some great ideas to help you have a vision.
Vegetable trends; you may include some interesting and creative ways to add veggies to your diet. Salads with roasted or steamed vegetables are the order of the day. Increase the use of carrots, kale and Brussels sprouts in your salad preparation.
Grain trends; quinoa, amaranth, millet, wild rice, corn, oats, polenta, couscous and buckwheat are a basketful of grains to add variety to your diet.
White and red meat trends;the healthy version of meats that could add spice to your taste buds in 2013 includes casual fried chicken, spicy chicken, marinated chicken and African Peri-peri chicken. A healthier bison meat is a relatively new concept to the cuisine world. It is nutrient rich, low in total and saturated fat and has a rich and sweet flavor. Grass fed bison meat contains 5 times more selenium than grain fed bison meat. It is also free of antibiotics or growth hormone.
Arabic cuisine trends; this cuisine has some wonderful additions which is yet to be explored by the rest of the world. Just to make it easy for you I have jotted down some interesting foodstuffs, they are camel’s milk, dates, olives, loomi, zattar, cardamom and saffron. Loomi is made by boiling lime in salted water and sun dried. It is black in color, has a bitter and smokey flavor and is used to flavor rice, meat, seafood and curries. Zattar is part of healthy breakfast eaten with pitta bread. Zattar is a mixture of sumac, olive oil, thyme, sesame seeds and salt. 

Organic living trend; going green will be a favorite trend this new year. If you have this vision why not start a kitchen garden and grow your own veggies? It would be a double delight because you get exercise while gardening and also some healthy home- grown fresh produce. If you want to have ideas for your home garden Pintrest has so many boards for you to follow.

 Evergreen weight loss trends;following a low calorie diet may reduce risk of age related diseases. Including supplements containing pro biotic or live bacteria may burn abdominal fat. A small pilot study found that these supplements prevent intestinal fat absorption and can be an effective weight loss tool.

And finally our all time favorite exercise requires a special mention here. A study finds that walking 6000 steps a day may protect middle aged women from various diseases. This level of activity lowers the risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome in midlife women.
So to end, including healthy foods, following a habitual physical activity and promptly reading my posts will ensure a healthy and a safe 2013 for you.
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