The Stunning Health Hazards Of Sugary Drinks

Too much of any good thing is harmful. This rings true in case of sugary beverages such as sugar sweetened sodas, sports drinks and fruit drinks. A data reveal that these drinks may indirectly cause the deaths of about 180,000 people worldwide each year. I am going to give you a detailed picture about the reasons.
Sugary drinks can cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer
A recent study says that consumption of sugary drinks has considerably increased among the US population and it forms the largest source of beverage calorie consumption on a daily basis. Health scientists warn us that it may have harmful effects on our bodies. When the intake of sugar is increased it raises a person’s overall calorie intake. This leads to diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers.
Sugary drinks can cause endometrial cancer
A research study which has been released very recently says that postmenopausal women who drank sweetened beverages were at a higher risk of developing endometrial cancer. The higher the consumption, the higher the risk involved. The risk was lower in women who did not consume these beverages.
Sweetened drinks can cause kidney stone
Health scientists found that drinking sugar sweetened soda and punch was associated with a high risk of kidney stone formation. When the intake of these drinks was more the scientists found higher the incidence of kidney stone formation.
This is a health tip that’s worth considering
I hope that the next time you are invited to pick up a can of sweetened soda; you will just whistle away and walk the other direction. A sparkling glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon and mint would not only be a toast to your health quotient, but also for your emotional state.
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