The Pros and Cons of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Are you thinking of going in for bioidentical hormone therapy? 

Here’s an interesting success story. Nikki always felt tired; even if she slept for 10 hours the night before, she had to drag herself throughout the day. And she even gained weight.  After taking BHRT, she felt a lot of positive differences––– her energy levels were way up, and she felt strong enough to exercise.

Though there may be many success stories, it is important to see whether this therapy suits you. Well, this article discusses all about BHRT, but it would be a smart move to consult your doctor before starting. 

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are identical in structure to the hormones produced naturally by the human body. These hormones can be derived from plants or animals and are usually made into a gel, cream, or patch applied to the skin. BHT treats conditions such as menopause, hormone imbalances, and other conditions that cause hormone-related symptoms.

Traditional Vs. Bioidentical hormone therapy

Traditional hormone therapy uses hormones from pregnant horses’ urine and other synthetic hormones. In contrast, bioidentical hormone therapy uses hormones made from plant estrogens identical to the hormones produced by the human body.

Traditional hormone therapy has been used for many years and is generally considered safe and effective. However, some women may experience side effects from traditional hormone therapy, such as weight gain, headaches, and nausea. 

Contrarily, Bioidentical hormone therapy is a newer treatment option and is not as well studied as traditional hormone therapy. However, many women report feeling better on bioidentical hormone therapy than on traditional. 

The pros of bioidentical hormone therapy

There are several potential benefits of BHT, including the following:

  • Relief from menopausal symptoms
  •  Increased bone density
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  •  Help to reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast cancer. 
  • Help to improve mental health and mood.
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Gives stronger nails and hair

The cons of bioidentical hormone therapy

Some risks are also associated with BHT, including the following:

  • An increased risk of blood clots and stroke
  • The potential risk of breast cancer with BHT, though this risk is thought to be lower than traditional hormone replacement therapy. 
  • In addition, BHT may interact with other medications and may cause side effects such as headaches, weight gain, mood swings, acne, and cramping, among others. 

Are bioidentical hormones right for you?

The decision to start BHT should be made with your healthcare provider. Before starting treatment, you should discuss the potential risks and benefits of the therapy with your provider. If you have any other medical conditions or are taking other medications, you should also discuss this with your healthcare provider to ensure that BHT is safe for you.

A final word on bioidentical hormone therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a treatment that uses hormones that are identical to the hormones produced naturally by the human body. BHT treats various conditions, such as menopause and hormone imbalances. There are several potential benefits of BHT, but there are also some risks associated with the therapy. Before starting treatment, you should discuss BHT’s potential risks and benefits with your healthcare provider.