The Awesome eButton Health Monitor That Combats Obesity

Have you ever heard about the Arabian Sushi? It is a handiwork of an American chef. The Nippon- Arabian fusion looks and taste like sushi at the first glimpse, then explodes in the mouth in a delightful burst of Arabian flavors. Now you are reading about this and you feel like tasting it. So goes the story and one day you are shocked tosee the weighing scales tip the higher values.
I try hard to forget what I ate a couple of days before. But how much ever I try to forget I cannot hide my extra pounds. And for people like me scientists have come up with a radical solution the eButton health monitor. Curious to know more about it, Let me tell you all about it.
For those of you who are waging a war against obesity and want to track down what you ate- this device is a Godsend. This eButton is a picture taking device that can be worn on the chest. It carries a small camera, GPS and other sensors. Once you wear it you need not self report about your dietary practices.
This eButton health monitor document what you eat, evaluates the food based on shape, color and size and accuratelymatches the images against a comprehensive food shape library. This device helps to take away the guess work from dieting process. Quite frankly it is hard to make a note of what you eat all the time. So eButton health monitor makes the job easy for you.
This amazing device was created to combat obesity. It reports about your food and exercise practices, the amount of time you spend before the TV and the computer and the time you spend outdoors. Simply put it is like a watchdog observing your every move.
Are you feeling curious about its working process? The researchers say that the device takes a lot of photos while a person is eating and removes the background image, zeroes in on the food and measures its volume. This action is done by fitting the 3D shape of the 2D photographs using some mathematical calculations.
So how would you retrieve the data? It is quite simple and is similar to transferring pictures from a digital camera onto a computer. This eButton health monitor is still not available commercially but the research team is busy fine tuning it to improve its accuracy. Once it hit the shelves be sure to grab it. And I bet it will be your best buddy tocombat obesity.
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