New Class of Antibiotics and Pain Killers From the Depths of Ocean

Do you believe in prophecies? I do!  After I read the prophecy of 2012 by Dr. Paul Dinakaran of Jesus Calls ministry, I kept my ears and eyes wide open to see if any research study comes by. But I could not find any in 2012 but a research study caught my eye at the end of January 2013. I know you are getting more curious and let me explain. These were the prophetic words

“My grace shall come upon the Atlantic ocean where the depth of the sea shall bring forth great forms of life to sustain mankind in the realms of medicine especially in growing tissues for healing and health. He that hears my voice shall be careful to invest in it. Behold My Angel shall be seen when these are found in the ocean. My glory shall shine forth in them.”

A new research investigation done by the OSHU researchers in collaboration with several other institutions has found amazing scientific treasure in depths of the ocean. They say that the next class of powerful medications may currently reside at the bottom of the ocean. The scientists carried out two separate studies on molluscs. These include snails, clams, squids and their bacterial companions.
Dried specimen of shipworm- wikipedia

What caught the fascination of the researchers were shipworms. Basically they are molluscs and they use their shells as drills and eat wood by making burrows into the wood fibres. They are not worms at all but are a group of clams with long soft naked bodies. They are called as the termites of the sea.

The research team found that one form of bacteria utilized by ship worms secretes a powerful antibiotic that holds great promise for human diseases. This research is of great importance because antibiotic resistance is a serious human issue.

  various types of cone snails- wikipedia

Now the next study was made on cone snails. These are also molluscs. The scientists found that the bacteria carried by the cone snails produce a chemical that is neuroactive. It has an effect on the function of neurons or the nerve cells in the brain. This may help in treatment of pain.

According to Edward Thompson PHD., Chairman of Dept. of Science and Engineering OHSU, “Looking at microbes in the ocean has enormous potential. It could contribute to the development of alternative fuels while at the same time opening a path for biomedical research in largely uncharted territory.”

And according to the prophecy if you are wise enough you will invest in this field of research.

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