Lingonberries Fights Obesity And Helps In Weight Loss

Lingonberriesmight have been in the shadows till now, but this new discovery is surely deemed to make them an overnight sensation. These berries are native to the boreal forest and Arctic Tundra from Eurasia to North America, so says Wikipedia. These berries can be culled from the wild and is a staple food in Finlandand Sweden.
Nutritional content of lingonberries
These berries are good sources of vitamin C, beta carotene and B vitamins. They are rich in organic acids. These berries contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. The seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
What is the new discovery about Lingonberries?
The Swedish researchers found that these berries completely prevented weight gain in mice when they were fed a high fat diet. These berries also lowered the blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
The scientists wonder that these good results may be due to their polyphenol content.
What are the other health benefits of lingonberries?
Dr.Ozmagazine mentions that Canadian scientists found these berries were able to reduce advanced glycation end products. These products damage diabetic vessels which contribute to kidney disease, eye disease and circulation problems that lead to skin sores and amputation.
So how would you add these berries to your diet?
Including them in the form of jam is not a good idea. Boiling the berries affects their nutritional content. Above all jam contains lots of sugar.
Health specialists advise adding a couple of tablespoons of frozenĀ lingonberries to 1 cup of non sweetened almond milk with Ā¾ cup of ice and blend it to make a yummy treat.