Interesting Tidbits About Broken Heart Syndrome

A person unlucky in love usually suffers a broken heart. But be known that there exists a medical condition which is known as broken heart syndrome.

This occurs during highly stressful and emotional times such as a painful breakup, the death of a spouse, job loss, or in cases of extreme anger. The other name for broken heart syndrome is stress cardiomyopathy.

The symptoms include the following.

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • An irregular heartbeat
  • General weakness.

In case of such symptoms, it is a must that you dial the emergency number.

How does this broken heart syndrome occur?

In this condition, a part of the heart enlarges and does not pump well, and the other part functions normally and may contract more forcefully. The good thing about this broken heart syndrome is that it is treatable, and the person becomes normal within a week.


To spice up this post, I am adding some interesting tidbits you would really like to know. In a recent study, scientists have identified a female divorce gene. A woman possessing the gene cannot process the hormone oxytocin properly because this hormone promotes the feeling of love and maternal affection.


Women identified with this gene cannot bond with others and may suffer a rocky marriage. Similarly, it depends on how the brain uses the chemical vasopressin in men, affecting men’s ability to commit and remain faithful. In a research study, researchers found that happily married couples have a lower blood pressure than singles with a supportive social network.

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