Five Best Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Tools

Promoting employee engagement programs in your organization creates a positive working environment and helps people thrive. And the best way to cultivate these programs is through employee engagement and wellbeing tools.

The many benefits of employee engagement and wellbeing include enhanced productivity and staff morale, reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism, and increased profits for your organization.

So here are the five best employee engagement and wellbeing tools to enhance the welfare and productivity of your staff. 

#1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an effective online project management app. It helps teams organize projects, get work done, and is a centralized place for all your communications, projects, and teams. 

Simple to use, with an orderly interface ProofHub charges a flat monthly rate and is highly suitable for small and growing teams. The best part is that the price remains fixed regardless of how many people use the account.

 ProofHub offers task management tools, reports, time tracking, notifications, Gnatt charts, milestones, calendar, chatbox, and other features.

#2. Weekdone

It is a progress and productivity tracking tool that enhances communication between employees and managers. It focuses on employee engagement by concentrating on three criteria people management, productivity, and socialization. 

 This engagement tool helps leaders set goals and help keep track of employee activities and encourage everyone to work towards the company vision. 

Weekdone helps managers understand how their team is feeling, tips on their problems, and help give feedback to build a productive team. 

These actions encourage employee engagement, instill a sense of purpose that exceeds standard goals, and positively impact employee behavior.  


Weekdone has features such as reporting and data visualization, conversations, feedback, recognition, and integrations with a host of platforms such as Slack, Asana, Microsoft teams, Google Tasks, and so on.

#3. Meditation Studio

Meditation increases imagination and creativity, builds skills to manage stress, and increases tolerance, patience, and self-awareness. Similarly, it helps improve employees’ decision-making skills and increases focus and concentration. 

Using tools to practice meditation can significantly boost your employees’ mental health. Meditation Studio is an excellent app for guided meditation. It is suitable for all ages and has sessions and lessons of different lengths for different needs.

 Experienced teachers guide the meditation and help employees connect with their inner being, magnify focus, cultivate inner steadiness, and support personal growth. 

#4. Wellable

This holistic wellbeing tool helps to create effective wellness programs. Wellable helps build a wellness program that’s tailored to your organization. Having active users in more than 35 countries, Wellable offers multimedia health content, health platform, virtual and onsite wellness services. 

These helpful features improve employee wellbeing, foster community spirit, enhance office culture, bolster human capital, increase productivity, and build your brand. Some valuable services offered by Wellable include 

  • Text message health tips
  • Webinars
  • Fitness classes
  • Health coaching
  • Meditation or mindfulness sessions.

Capterra, one of the clients of Wellable, says that the health program encouraged their employees to be mindful of needs such as nutrition, relaxation, and hydration and to stay physically active.

#5. VirginPulse

No matter where your company is on the wellbeing journey Virgin Pulse offers solutions that give significant health outcomes for your employees. It engages your employees to support their holistic health and wellbeing. 

Likewise, VirginPulse empowers employees to do their best work by removing organizational barriers, building a company culture that aligns with your company’s core values, and maximizing HR investments. 

It uses high tech, high touch analysis, AI, and data and supports your employees from screening, behavior change, risk assessment to adopting sustainable healthy habits and provides digital therapeutic guidance. Likewise, it offers daily engagement tools, targeted communications, and personalized microlearning.


Employee engagement and wellbeing tools help you know your employees’ wellness pulse. So please choose any of the tools discussed above and make a headstart this NewYear.