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  • The Angie Effect- Angelina’s Double Mastectomy Story

    I wrote this post some time back but got a bit late to publish it. After rushing the kids to their respective school buses, I took a moment’s break by sipping some piping hot cardamom tea. I saw the beautiful face of Angelina Jolie on the front page of Tabloid. Hoping to hear some nice […]

  • Good News For All Breast Cancer Patients

    Now there is this interesting story which you must know. This is the time of the year that poachers in Goa carrying torches and bags, venture into the open to hunt for frogs for their meaty hind legs. The Indian bullfrog has been renamed as jumping chicken in Goa. But the forest department has warned […]

  • What is Breast Cancer?

    Liz Hurley is pretty in pink raising breast cancer awareness. A pink caravan raises breast cancer awareness and screens for breast cancer in the remote parts of UAE. Breast cancer survivors taking part in a fashion show in Dubai to create awareness and as for me I am writing this post and dedicating it as […]