5 Golden Reasons to Shop at Instacart

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Imagine this scenario, you’re busy at the office and want to do some shopping for your kid’s birthday party, or else you are unwell and urgently need some groceries.

Instacart is your answer.

What is Instacart

Instacart is an on-demand delivery service that allows you to shop at your favorite grocery stores from the convenience of your home: using your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

You select the items you need and request a delivery. You can receive all your supplies required within an hour; on the contrary, you can also ask them to deliver your groceries later in the day.

Top reasons to shop at Instacart

Shopping is fun when you have loads of time. but it becomes a hassle when you are short of it. Instacart makes shopping easy and convinient.

Products you love

Choose from thousands of products that you already shop at.

Same day delivery

Whether you want your groceries in an hour or the same day, Instacart’s friendly shopper do all the shopping for you and deliver your supplies at the requested time.

Save time and money

You can find exclusive deals on popular products delivered right to your doorstep.

Enjoy shopping with coupons.

You can save tons of money by shopping with exclusive coupons on hundreds of products.

Browse products

You can find your regular items plus suggestions for lots of new products too.

Fresh produce

Instacart shoppers pick the freshest produce with perfect ripeness.

Instacart shopping is convenient, offers more variety and better prices. There are no crowds, no pressure, and above all, it saves time.


Celebrate this Festive Season with​ Ultimate Edit Collection from Stella and Dot

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Stella and Dot have released a stunning new collection called the Ultimate Edit.

Ultimate Edit is a carefully curated selection of the season’s best gifts across their entire family of brands-jewelry, fashion, and beauty.

Shop the Ultimate Edit Collection on Stella & Dot Today! 

Let me discuss just one stunning product

Heart Beat as one earring pack

Pretty, elegant, and grace personified, this earring pack has four pairs. Each pair has 134 handset stones. Play with your creativity and wear these earrings in four different ways-mix and match to compliment your dress code. This earring pack is of medium weight and comes in four color variations, shiny, pearl, warm, or gold. The clear crystal glass and resin stones step up the elegance quotient a notch.

Like their collection? Then you can become an entrepreneur and start selling their products using the digital access kit. You can do this business as a side hustle or full time. Join this program for just $99, start working from home and be your boss.

Share What You Love! Get the Digial Access kit and become a S&D Ambassador for $99! 

Stella and Dot give you cutting edge tech tools to support your business. Manage your website and app anytime, anywhere. They’ll ship orders, manage inventory, and help your customers. All you have to do is share and sell these beautiful collections.


Create a Sustainable Future with Gazelle

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Every year 130 million mobile devices are being discarded.

It’s not the right decision to throw away your old phones and computer gadgets. They may contain toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, mercury, barium, chromium, and even arsenic.

These harmful substances may cause environmental pollution. The toxic chemicals can pollute the rivers, land and endanger aquatic and human life. Therefore, it is essential to recycle or properly discard your gadgets. Recycling pre-owned electronic gadgets could help to create a sustainable future.

Why is it necessary to recycle mobile and computer gadgets

Recycling helps to save the environment, reduce the need for raw materials, curbs mining processes, and saves energy.

Where can you recycle your old mobile devices and computer gadgets

Check with your family and friends if they need any old cell phones, iPads, and iPods. Also, you can recycle it with a charity or else you can even sell your phone. Recycling your phone reduces pollution, earns you money, and help improve lives in underdeveloped countries.

Some online companies offer the option of trading in your old phone in return for money. Gazelle is a leading name in this arena. Thousands of customers trust Gazelle to give new life to old devices.

What is Gazelle

Sign up For The Gazelle Rewards Program Today

Gazelle is a leading reCommerce company that buys and sells used computer electronics. With its humble beginnings in 2007, Gazelle is now a leading trading consumer electronics site. Gazelle works with consumers to enhance consumer electronics lifecycle.

Buying Smart with Gazelle

They sell certified gadgets which may cost 40 percent less than buying new. These preowned smartphones and tablets are fully functional and thoroughly quality inspected. Gazelle phones are carrier compatible you can keep your carrier or go with a new one. If you are not satisfied with the pre-owned device, you can very well return it with a 30-day return policy. They’ll pay your money back.

Get a Gazelle Warranty Today!

Selling Smart with Gazelle

When you sell your device to Gazelle, they pay you cash via check, Amazon gift card, or through PayPal. You can quickly check how much your equipment is worth. Gazelle will send you a free pre-paid shipping label to send them your device.

When they receive your gadget, they’ll offer you more money than your original offer, if the gadget is in good condition. If Gazelle lowers your offer, you can have it returned at no risk. They remove all your data from your devices as they prioritize security the most.

How it works

You can even sell your tablets, phones, Macbooks, and iMacs in bulk. Visit thei website and click the Enterprise Trade-in link at the top right corner. Enter your contact information at the required space. They’ll follow up and will provide a quote.

As a next step, they’ll send you a box, and you can send your devices free of charge. And you’ll be paid immediately. Also, you can track your item by entering your email and a unique number that you receive from Gazelle. You can get it from the emails that you received from them.
Be smart and save the environment.


Stella and Dot Stylist Sign-Up Special

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What is Stella and Dot

The mission of Stella and Dot is “to give every woman the means to style her own life.” They are a big name in the fashion industry with a goal to create flexible income for women around the world.

What is Stella and Dot Sign-Up Special

Stella and Dot signup special is where you signup to be an independent stylist.

What does it Mean to be an Independent Stylist

It means you represent their line of jewelry and accessories; selling their products online and through trunk shows.

How Much Can You Earn as a Stylist

You can get 25 to 35 percent of all jewelry sales and can earn even more through referral commission. The commission rate varies depending on your monthly sales amount and stylist rank.

Cost of Setting Up Your Business

The starter kit costs up to $199 in addition to tax and shipping. The best selling kit consists of $1000 in products for a down payment of $199. The kit contains jewelry, baggage, and clothing.

Get the Bestsellers Kit and Receive $1k in Product When you Sign-Up as a Stylist at Stella & Dot!

Receive $350 In Product When You Sign-up To Be A Stella & Dot Stylist Today!

What are Trunk Shows

In-home trunk shows are fun, casual, and is a get to gather of your friends to explore the accessories and get advice from stylists. Stella and Dot gives you all the necessary training and tools to get started.

Is There a Minimum Amount Required to be Active With Stella and Dot

No, there are no minimums to remain active.

Do You Get Your Own Website With Stella and Dot

Yes, you get an e-boutique to sell your stuff online. You can get a commission for your sales. There is a website renewal fee every year at around $100.

Should You Sign up

Stella and Dot have been around for many years and is a top-notch direct sales company. They have an excellent reputation. However, you must put in your best efforts to see the fruits of your labor.

Where to Sign Up

If you’ve decided to become a Stella and Dot stylist then signup here.

Get the Bestsellers Kit and Receive $1k in Product When you Sign-Up as a Stylist at Stella & Dot!

Some Samples of Stella and Dot Jewelry