Best Skincare for Women Over 50: How to Look Gorgeous in Your Golden Years



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Do you want to know about the best skincare for women over 50? Are you looking to overhaul your above-neck routines? Pat yourself! You’re at the right place.


Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist in skincare, your beauty regimen will change once you reach your late 40s.


The fifth decade of your life brings more conspicuous markers of aging: creepy texture, sun spots, deep wrinkles, and loss of volume. With a sharp decline in estrogen due to menopause, skin loses its resilience and becomes saggy.


Although this may be true, there’s no need to worry. Your skin will appear soft, plump, and healthy if you take proper care of it. 

Keys for Best Skincare of Women Over 50

Good skincare in your 50s has a few fundamental principles. First, wear sunscreen. Also, after washing your face, apply a thick moisturizer that contains a lot of humectants and emollients. Apply twice a day.


Beyond that, select a serum that boosts your skin’s normal functions. Some serums to add to your beauty kit include

Glycolic acid: It refines texture and unclogs pores

Hyaluronic acid: Helps skin retain moisture

Retinol: Boost collagen production and increase cell turnover

Vitamin C: Helps to lighten the appearance of age spots.


Best Skincare for Women Over 50: Top 5 Brands 



1Cratejoy: The Golden Years Box



If subscription boxes are your thing, then look no further than Cratejoy. They provide unique product experiences created just for you.


Make your golden years count by subscribing to The Golden Years Box. Each box has 5 to 8 beautiful curated items. When you open the box, you’ll find attractive accessories, health and fitness products, and above all, luxury skincare products. The parcels are shipped free of charge if you’re in the USA.



Jerri, an excited customer, says she had just turned 50 and was beyond excited to see this beauty box. She gushes that the boxes keep getting better and better from anti-aging products, healthy snacks, to even best-selling books––– the subscription boxes continue to amaze her. 


She highly recommends this box and feels like she has a birthday every month when she opens the golden year’s box. It’s important to realize that you’ve worked hard all your life. So during your golden years, pamper yourself with this unique box. 


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2Charcoal Sheet Masks from Viva Naturals



Being rich in minerals, this activated charcoal mask tightens pores and deeply cleanses the skin. Likewise, it enhances elastin production, increases collagen, reduces skin discoloration and wrinkles, and slows down premature aging. 


Viva Natural Sheet Masks are enriched with collagen, black tea, hyaluronic acid, and spinach extract and effectively boost your skin’s hydration. It just takes 15 minutes to give you glowing skin. 


A pack contains eight luxurious masks and comes in 4 scents. It’s dermatologically tested and found to be safer on sensitive skin. The face masks are devoid of harmful chemicals and are made with ylang-ylang, rose oil, sweet orange, and lavender. Viva Naturals offers some attractive discounts on this product.


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3Natura: Revitalizing and Filling Face Cream



Ideally suited for ages 60 and above, this revitalizing cream contains Brazilian Casesrea extract. This extract protects skin fibers from exposure to the sun. Also, it increases elastin production and hyaluronic acid, which plumps up volume giving skin a youthful look.


Likewise, this extract contains oligosaccharides which densify skin and increase firmness. With regular usage, you can obtain more defined facial contours and increased skin density. Cupuaçu Butter present in this cream provides immediate long-term hydration. It has a lightweight feel, effectively reduces deeper lines, and boosts hydration, making your skin look healthier and revitalized.

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4Beauty by Earth: Vit C Serum


  Lauded as one of the best anti-aging serums in the market, vitamin C is the key to maintaining a smooth and glowing complexion. Though you may get vitamin C in your diet, there’s no evidence that it would beautify your skin, Contrarily serum application of vitamin C is the direct way to reap its skin benefits.


Vit C contains Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate that reduces transepidermal water loss and increases skin hydration. It fades pigmentation, removes dullness, and improves skin glow. Also, it boosts collagen production, prevents skin sagging, and protects against sun damage.

Beauty by Earth’s vitamin C serum is formulated with the hyperactive anti-aging blend. It’s packed with plant-based stem cells and antioxidants, thus brightening skin and improving firmness.

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5Ora’s Antioxidant Face Care Regimen

This antioxidant face care set contains a mask, cleanser, and serum. Packed with potent botanicals this skincare set gently cleans, detoxifies, and moisturizes your face. The phytonutrients present in the herbs nourish your skin, promote cell turnover, soothe irritation, reduce inflammation and moisturize skin.

So how do you Ora’s Amazing Herbal antioxidant face care set? Gently clean with the Rejuvi C cleanser and apply the Rejuvi face mask. Adjust the consistency of the mask with a few drops of water. Gently massage onto your face and wash the stress, dirt, and dullness away. Rejuvenate your skin with Magic Face Potion, by applying the serum onto your fingertips and pressing it onto your face. Use a jade roller for added benefits. 

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Wrapping up


Age is just a number. How you feel about yourself matters, and the world will look at you the same way.


So as you turn 50 and older, try to learn something new, try to do something out of your comfort zone, give yourself a real challenge and begin doing things for yourself. And one such thing is looking after your skin. 


We’ve handpicked the best skincare of women over 50 from some great brands. Try whichever you like and look and feel your best.