Amazing Physical And Psychological Health Benefits of Taekwondo

Today is my son’s birthday and I thought it would be great if I write about some form of martial arts which he loves. After breaking my head I chanced upon the title Taekwondo. If this sounds Greek and Latin to you, here I am to explain all about it.

What is Taekwondo?
It is a Korean martial art form which is an amalgam of self defense techniques, sports and exercise. It was developed in the 1940’s by various Korean masters. The term Taekwondo was coined by Choi Hong Hi.
Being a health blogger I just look for health benefits with a big microscope even in a little grain of sand. And you know what? This taekwondo has amazing health benefits.
Health benefits of Taekwondo
·       It improves good cholesterol, blood pressure and muscle tone
·       Helps in weight loss, fight obesity and reduces stress
·       Enhances flexibility, stamina and energy
·       Gives a good night’s sleep
·       Improves balance in older people and increases bone strength.
·       Boosts immune system and wards off depression
·       Flushes out toxins and makes body slim and trim
·       Taekwondo is good for women, it brings remarkable changes in brain chemistry
·       It is good for brain and nervous system
·       It lessens chronic low back pain and risk of hip fracture because it strengthens mid bodymuscles
Psychological benefits of taekwondo
·       Improves self esteem, confidence
·       Develops discipline and strengthens body and mind
·       Increases self defense
·       Increases concentration
·       Sharpens reflexes and senses
·       Develops a positive mental attitude
If you are new to this world of taekwondo then better consult your doctor before you start your new regimen. Your doctor is the best person to advise you on such matters.
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