All About Light Therapy (Light Therapy Devices Especially For Your Skin)

Light, the lifeblood of all life forms, is used for medical purposes to treat and cure many diseases. The light, which occupies a prestigious first position in the creation, has a host of health benefits. I can go on talking, so let me come to the point, what is light therapy?
Light therapy, otherwise known as photo-therapy or helio-therapy, consists of exposure to daylight or artificial light sources such as lasers, fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes, and full-spectrum lights for medical purposes. Blue light, infra-red light, and ultraviolet light is used to treat various diseases.
Blue light is a visible light component and is currently being used to treat back pain and bad breath. A study found that when exposed for just two minutes from lamps used for tooth whitening, the blue light killed all the bacteria present in saliva.
Blue light effectively kills bacteria associated with destructive gum disease and periodontitis, an oral infection that leads to loss of bone and teeth. The infrared light can be used for stroke patients and people with Alzheimer’s disease to increase their well-being and health.
Ultraviolet light is used to treat patients who are suffering from eczema. Light therapy is also used to treat hay fever, wounds and epilepsy, and stomach ulcers. It is also used for treating psoriasis. A friend of mine found tremendous improvement in the skin condition after undergoing light therapy.
Deep penetrating light therapy uses light-emitting diodes to treat pain reduction, wound healing, reduction in acne and wrinkles. Researchers found that daily application of light therapy using light-emitting diodes showed marked improvement in cognitive function of post-traumatic stress disorder in patients with traumatic brain injury.
Researchers have found bright light therapy can ease bipolar depression in some patients. Scientists plan to treat nearsightedness which can lead to blindness in adults somewhere in the near future. Light therapy is also used to treat the seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depression affecting people in fall or winter.
Last but not least, go out for a walk in the bright sunshine. It will ensure your vitamin D levels, boost your immunity and your well-being.
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