Alarming Facts About Sleep Loss

Being modern or living in a city with life on the fast lane means, you just don’t sleep properly on weekdays but, snooze some extra hours during the weekends to catch back some lost sleep. Am I prophesying your life? But sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your overall health. Let us see how it works.
Sleep deprivation may cause diseases
Recent studies have shown that insufficient sleep may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Now how exactly did this happen? Sleep deprivation affects the biological processes related to the immune system and activates an inflammatory reaction. Earlier studies have pointed out that insufficient sleep may cause heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, and stroke.

If you sacrifice your sleep you tend to suffer from fatigue and low energy levels. I read an interesting life incident where a person who was sleep deprived actually slept during an important roundtable conference even to the extent of snoring. Oh! My God imagine the consequences.
What does sleep do for us?
A good night’s rest may clear your mind and increase its efficiency to a maximum. Scientists using mice explained that sleep allows the brain to flush out toxins that are built up when we are awake. It seems that sleep increases space between brain cells and a plumbing system called glymphatic system may open letting the brain fluid flow rapidly through the brain. This flow flushes out all the toxins making your brain all clean and tidy to take on the next day’s challenge.
Can extra sleep during weekend actually help?

The answer is no. Studies have shown that loss of sleep even for a few days can increase daytime sleepiness, low performance, and increase in molecular rate which is a sign of inflammation. Sleep deficit may actually be harmful both in the short and long run. Scientists say that extra sleep may not fix all the deficits caused by sleep loss during the work week. And so it is highly recommended that you sleep well and enjoy life to the fullest.
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