5 Best Interior Decor Brands to Freshen Up Your Home

Are you looking for the best interior decor brands to redecorate your home? Well, once you get bitten by the interior design bug, you’ll fantasize about decorating your home every waking moment.

Curating aesthetics requires some dedication, but it’s well worth the effort. Just remember the feeling of satisfaction and all the adulation that comes your way.

Since your living space is the extension of your identity, you may want to go in for timeless, classic, and on-trend pieces. Scroll down to find the best interior decor brands to beautify your home.

5 Best Interior Decor Brands

#1. Wuzdo

One of the fastest-growing interior designers in Bangalore, Wuzdo aims for the highest standards in design, utmost transparency, and increased customer satisfaction rates. The design firm came into existence in 2017 and, within a short span, has completed over 850 interior decor projects.

They have various packages for your two or three-bedroom apartments, namely the elite and the elite plus. All you have to do is fill in an inquiry form, then meet one of their interior design experts. The experts conceptualize the designs, and after installation, the tastefully designed home is handed over to you after the final inspection so everything is at par.

Felix, a satisfied customer, says Wuzdo handled the project smoothly, understood all their requirements, and created the best for them.

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#2. Sunnydaze decor

Founded in 2014, Sunnydaze was named to capture its customers’ happy times and warm sunny days. Their vision is to bring high-quality products to help customers enjoy their patios and yards and add comfort and style to their homes.

Based out of scenic Eau Claire, they pride themselves on good old-fashioned Mid-West customer service. Choose from their stunning patio furniture collections, outdoor living, indoor living, hammocks, fire pits, fountains, and seasonal decor to create a classy, sophisticated, and welcoming aesthetic.

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#3. Riverside Designs

Located right along the Tennessee River in the US, Riverside Designs meets all your steel decor needs. They feature monogrammed, statement, and personalized pieces for your patio, office space, or farmhouse. Also, they offer themed holiday decor, address signs, and more.

They have a stunning range of bold wood signs. I especially liked the “These are good old days” wood sign, which would be a great addition to my living room.

Some best sellers include the floral moon, dragonfly, hibiscus flower, and floral flamingo. Some new arrivals include pumpkin spice, Christmas Sleigh, and Horn, to name a few.

Collect some monograms and wood designs from Riverside Designs to make an exciting interior.

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#4. Alvantor Industry

Love camping? Visit Alvnator Industry online, and you’ll be amazed by the sturdy, elegant, and colorful tent options. Founded in 2011 in Southern California, Alvantor design, source, and sell tents worldwide.

They are a family-owned business with a passion for designing tents. With a manufacturing factory in China, they have customers from more than 100 countries. Nearly all their products are patented and developed by professional designers.

They have a wide range of bubble tents, bed tents, screen houses, kids’ tents, garden patio and beach tents, and accessories. All their tents have exciting design concepts. They provide free shipping in the US, have plenty of payment options, and provide 24/7 online support.

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#5. Sunjoy Group

Founded in 2001, Sunjoy Shop is now 20 years old. With quality, design, and innovation as their fundamental pillars, they specialize in making goods from stone, metal, wicker, and Wood. Some attractive outdoor furniture includes a cedarwood hardtop gazebo, a summer cove outdoor patio, solar-powered two-tired gazeboes with mosquito netting, and a three-seater swing with planters.

Sunjoy Shop’s decor and accessories range is impressive. Some interesting pieces of an artwork include the Sunjoy iron cast aluminum crane set and the beautiful garden clay decorative Buddha statue.

Likewise, the copper-colored birds on branches and decorative tree wall art are impressive art pieces in the wall decor range.

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Wrapping up

Home is where your heart is. Whether it’s your home or office, decorating it according to your taste brings a deep sense of satisfaction and pride. Please choose from our hand-picked list of the best interior decor brands and feel the difference.