Your Personality Can Be a Deciding Factor To Your Grave

Are you a happy person? Or a pessimistic one, are you a careful, industrious, and dedicated person? Or a careless or indifferent person, you may wonder why this Swarnam is asking all kinds of stupid questions? Everything is for a reason.

Personality can decide your nearness to grave

This sounds ridiculous, does it not? But it is true say scientists. A research study found that personality trait has an impact on health.  Anger and depression can cause various diseases and can lead to early death.
Researchers say that your best friends can be the best judges of your personality because they are the ones who know you inside and out. The study points out that your personality at an early age of 20s can predict whether you are near or far in your grave.
 Personality traits that lead to a longer lifespan
Male Traits
Female Traits
Conscientious personality
Emotional stability
 Being more Open
Let us take an example, a group of friends at a wedding ceremony may judge the lifespan of the couple down the road. The scientists found that people are able to observe and rate a friend’s personality accurately to predict their lifespan on earth. Quite interesting!
Men who are conscientious follow healthy eating habits, stick to exercise routines, and avoid risks such as driving without a seat belt. So they enjoy longer life spans.
On the other hand, women who are emotionally stable are better off at fighting off anger, anxiety, and depression. This easy-going attitude, helps them to enjoy a longer life span.

Through the lens

Good personality traits and detoxing our minds from the emotional toxins can promote our health. Remember, if you run your race of which you have bestowed with natural talents, without comparing others. Your time on earth will be a peaceful, enjoyable one.