Top Tips To Delay Ageing of Brain

This blog is all about spreading positive vibrations. I read about life coach Aravind Devalia’s six key rules which give you a 20/20 vision to move forward in your life. The key rules are stop wasting time, stop collecting clutter, stop being miserable, stop wasting money, stop abusing your body and stop ignoring key people in your life.
You know what? These six keyrules are invisibly connected to our topic.  Wikipedia says that ageing involves physical, chemical, biological and psychological changes. This occurs to our brain as it sails near its dusk. MRI studies have found that as the brain ages there is decrease in cerebral volume.
There may be many causes that lead to ageing of brain. Out of these oxidative stress can also be blamed. When compared to other tissues the brain is unusually sensitive to oxidative damage. A new study has found that cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol consumption expose the brain to large amounts of free radicals. These free oxidative radicals injure the neurons and other cells that makeup the brain. And the end result? The person has problems with memory, thinking, efficiency and problem solving skills. This becomes more pronounced with age.
Now let us discuss the methods to slow down the ageing of brain. Physical activity especially aerobic exercise keeps your brain young and healthy. Alertness can be increased by reading and enjoying mental activities. William Speed writes in Reader’s Digest that fit people have sharper brains and people who are out of shape but then get into shape, sharpen their brains.
If you have a wide circle of healthy friends and not the partying kind, it can help you in keeping the brainyoung. And finally eating healthy foods especially the ones that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants will keep your brain sharp and fit.

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