What Does Your Facebook Updates Say About You?

Your Facebook updates can sum up how you value yourself. In a recent study that is published in Psychological Science, researchers found that people with low self-esteem updated negative tidbits about their lives, which made them less likable among their peers.

People with high self-esteem were more positive and were liked mostly by all. In a direct conversation, you get the instant feedback of the listener when you talk negatively.

But on a social platform such as Facebook, everyone tends to keep their feelings about the negative updates to themselves, the study found.

So what is self-esteem? A person’s overall estimation of his or her own self-worth. And thus how would you raise your self worth? Here’s a lowdown of time tested practices that’ll boost your self worth.

Take proper care of yourself

Identify the triggers to low self-esteem, and curb them down

  • Think positively about yourself
  • Be assertive
  • Cultivate hobbies.
  • Sleep properly
  • Exercise
  • Eat proper diet
  • Practice meditation
  • Stop comparing yourself with others
  • Accept compliments
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
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How To Deal With Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression or depression after the delivery is a clinical condition that affects many women and even some men. The person may experience sad, anxious and empty feelings which hinder day to day activities.The symptoms of postpartum depression includes feeling restless, sad, a tendency to cry a lot, no motivation, increased or reduced eating habits. The person either sleeps a lot or sleeps very little and loses interest in the things they once enjoyed.

New mothers suffering from postpartum depression may feel like hurting the baby, hurting themselves and does not have any interest in the newborn. The condition may be due to hormonal changes, childcare stress and marital problems it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason.

So how would you cope with postpartum depression?

It is wise to share your feelings with friends, partner and family. Tell your doctor how you feel it is nothing wrong about the way you feel. People will be more than ready to help you out if you seek help.

Rest properly, the first advise I would give is that sleep while the baby is asleep and do the entire house work later. Switch off the ringer and even the calling bell because some kind and curious soul will want to visit you and your baby when every nerve of yours yells for rest. Remember I am talking from experience being a mother of two kids.

Do not be too hard on yourself, slow down, spend time with your partner, venture out and join a support group. The good news is that it is a passing phase depression can be treated through talk therapy and medication. If you are breast feeding, talk to your doctor about it.

Remember everything will be fine and soon you will enjoy the lovely days with your bundle of joy.


Scaffold Of Heart Tissue From Tasar Silk Worm

Scientists are nearing the process of replacing the damaged heart muscle tissue with that of a material made from tasar silk worm. The experiment is successful in mice but a little more research is needed in the human arena.

It is not possible to regenerate the human heart muscle and a scar tissue takes the place of damaged muscle cells. Scientists have found a replacement tissue which can be grown in the laboratory setting. The best thing is that the replacement tissue is produced from silk made by tasar worms.

Researchers from the Max Plank Institute of Heart and Lung research have produced coin sized discs from the cocoon of the tasar silk worm. They have loaded the cardiac muscle cells on to the three dimensional scaffold which was created from silk. To be clearer a scaffold is a network of proteins that hold together and supports a variety of living tissues.

 The fiber produced by these worms has proteins on its surface which easily ease the sticking of heart muscle cells. The silk fibers are coarser and the muscle cells thrive and forms a three dimensional tissue structure.

To test it on humans the researchers have to use human stem cells to avoid any immune reaction. But the conversion of stem cells to heart muscle cells need more research.

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