Pep Up Your Morning With Colgate Fresh Max Cooling Crystals


It was a quiet morning, I got up a little early to complete my writing projects. I started to write this blog post and the whole house was quiet, I watched this  Colgate MaxFresh YouTube advertisement, Oh! my goodness, it really made me sit and watch and gave a new fresh breath energy. People watch this amazing dance from Colgate MaxFresh. This video would pep up your day.

Hearing a beautiful medley can pep up your sagging spirit and bombard you with zillions of positive ions. Music can affect your blood pressure, heart beat, respiration and even body temperature.
How does music stirs up your soul?
Science says that even the unborn babies are influenced by music. From the beginning of the trimester of the pregnancy period, the heart rate of the fetus changes when it hears a familiar song. From 35 weeks onwards there is a change even in its movement patterns. Now do you get my point?
Sad music might evoke positive emotions so says a Japanese study. Music that is felt to be beautiful, but sad makes people feel better when they are feeling blue a new study briefs us. I guess research studies don’t have to prove all this. Your soul knows it well.
Health benefits of music
      Positive mood allows the brain to think clearly so say researchers and music has got all the power to bring in positive emotions.
      Making music can improve voluntary behavior intended to help others and problem solving skills of young children according to a study.
     Music and singing in health care improve quality of life for older people by easing pain, anxiety and depression.
·      A literature review of articles related to anxiety and the use of music as therapy for people over the age of 65 found it has a positive influence on wellbeing by providing social interaction, improved memory and social inclusion.
·      Music lessons enhance the quality of school life. Singing in a choir and ensemble performance enhances the well being of kids.
Concluding thoughts
When your inner soul feels nourished, positive and ready to take on the world, then no force on earth can stop your success.
 These songs are the ones which I use to meditate, even while filling up the dish washer, or when doing any house hold chores I hear these beautiful songs. They bring peace to my soul.

I always watch these videos before starting my writing. These songs sets my mental ambiance to start my work in a brisk manner. Here we go…..
My God is Awesome by Charles Jenkins
Great are you Lord- Sinach
Every Praise – Hezekiah Walker 
Mighty God- Joe Praize
Let me rediscover you- Downhere
These are some ever green songs that pep up my day.
Vandemataram- A.R Rahman
China China Asai- A. R Rahman
How Great is our God – by Joshua Aaron

Heal The World- Michael Jackson
These are some of my favorite melodies
  Take care
This post was written for Colgate Max Fresh Move Activity
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