My Unforgettable Yatra

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Vacations are an excellent way to refresh ourselves from the burden and stresses of everyday life. You feel nourished, fresh and vibrant after a relaxed vacation.
The husband works in the Gulf and the holiday season is in July and August. The air over the UAE is filled with travel, shopping and all the preparations associated with it. The International Flights are fully packed and are non-stop. There are massive discounts in the shopping malls, and the crowds throng these places for their last minute purchases.

Writing this post, I am re-living all these wonderful memories. We usually go from Dubai to Goa where my husband’s family is put up and then we fly by domestic airlines to Chennai.
Goa is a paradise in these months there is lots of rain, and the weather is cold, compared to the 47-48 degree Celsius in the Gulf where the summer is at its peak. So people just escape this terrible heat by traveling to cooler destinations.
Goa has got many amazing places for you to visit. This land is a beautiful culmination of the era gone by and the modern architecture. The place is a bit “touristy” but you get such memorable experiences in these pleasant land. If you ever visit the area be sure to taste the fish delicacies, they are just superb.
Some of the best places to visit are the beaches; Dudhsagar falls in its mightiest and pure form, the spice gardens, and the ancient churches. Get a rented scooter and ride the winding Goan roads enjoying nature in its pristine form.
Having completed our stay we usually move to Chennai, the lovely place which is my homeland. There you just talk, talk and talk. First, it is with my family and then the neighbors and relatives. Giving them all the goodies and tasting their homemade cooking. Those lovely moments you can’t ever get back.
Stories about the neighborhood, Chennai in general, about the Gulf and the kith and kin. After tons and tons of gossip then starts the adventure of visiting different places and then the shopping.
The kids have a lot of friends over there, and they just love the place. The Chennai coffee, vada, dosa, idly and sambar. Wow, those nostalgic memories! Time would fly by, and you’ll never realize that one month has passed by and now it’s time to go back to Gulf.
Then begins the process of packing, last minute shopping, last minute phone calls and finally the time comes to wave Goodbye to all my loved ones.
Here in the Gulf we come and unpack all the luggage exchange small gifts with friends and neighbors. Each one has several stories to tell, the kids then go back to school with lots of experiences, and lots of stories to share with their friends. We have to wait one more year to enjoy all those lovely get to gathers.
If you’re a person, who doesn’t give so much importance to vacation. Take one because it gives you some of the most precious and golden memories which money can’t buy.
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