Maggi Noodles Controversy- What Will Be Your Next Step

 The Maggi Instant noodles story has spread like wild fire. It has taken some interesting twists and turns. One India reports that, a ruling party MLA has blamed the new generation mothers to be lazy. She says they feed their children two minute noodles, and is responsible for the rise in its sale.

Another interesting story has popped out, The Economic Times reports that Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta were sent notices for promoting Maggi Noodles.

Whatever the case may be the bottom line comes to you and your family. With the fast pace of life and the heavy workload both at the office and at home, it becomes difficult to prepare healthy dishes.

Harmful effects of lead

Regulators have found higher than allowed levels of lead in some packs of Maggi. This has prompted many states in India to ban it. Increasing levels of lead can affect the heart, bones, intestines, and kidneys, nervous and reproductive systems.

It can affect the development of the nervous system and is toxic to children. It can cause permanent learning and behavior disorders. Instead of depending on ready made foods. It would be wise to prepare some delicious and easy home made snacks. Here are some great ideas. 

Healthy snack ideas
·       It is wise to keep fruits at arm’s distance. When the kids are hungry after a hard day at school or after playing they can reach out to healthy food. You can keep nuts on the dining table to add variety.
·       Make whole wheat bread and low fat cheese a staple in your house. Cut and store carrots in your fridge. You can easily make a sandwich in seconds.
·       You can also add honey to Greek yogurt, add some fruits and serve it to your kids.
·       You can keep whole wheat crackers, slice some banana and can easily make a sandwich. Add some honey for extra taste.
To make things easier for you, I have listed some websites where you can find easy to prepare snacks.
·       Real
·       Tasty Appetite Chana Chat
All these websites give you amazing recipes which are easy to prepare and that to within minutes. So go ahead and enjoy the nourishing days with your family.
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